Women, Divorce and Retirement: No Home, but Hope after Financial Loss

By Mary Helen Gillespie

“Rose,” 60, Indiana shared a bleak view of her retirement situation but encouraging words for others.

Has your divorce financially affected your retirement plans?


Have you hired a financial advisor, CPA, or other financial professional to help you plan for your retirement needs during the divorce process?


Is your divorce attorney concerned about your retirement finances? Is it a divorce judge?


How would you describe the quality of your financial life after divorce?

I don’t have a house.

What information would you like to share with women in a similar situation?

Don’t give up even when it’s hard: You are important!


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Retirement Daily shared the story of Rose with Theresa A. Harezlak, CFP®, CDFA®, is a financial advisor with Savant Wealth Management in Rockford, Illinois. Here are her thoughts for Mawar and other women facing similar issues.

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