tongue piercing infection

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Celebrity-inspiring trend leads to crazy tongue piercings! Those between the ages of 16-24 continue to grow and develop this fashion, so now an estimated 50% of women, not just their earlobes are pierced! These celebrity role models include Pink, Mel B and Janet Jackson. But as you can imagine, as body piercing services become more accessible to us young people, the statistics are only going to go up! (But I’m not complaining because I personally love body piercings and have invested in some myself) So why are so many people still against piercings? So why don’t you find out…enjoy!

So why do people want tongue piercings?

Tongue piercings (and many other forms of piercing) are done primarily for vanity reasons. Our personalities determine what we like and want in life, and for some it is looking and feeling different from others. Through body piercing – especially tongue (because it is very dangerous), people demonstrate their uniqueness and desire to be different and gain social acceptance.

But, on the other hand, some people want piercings to keep up with current trends. Not everyone’s piercing is unique. When celebrities lead the way, it trickles down to regular folks like me, and we end up perpetuating that trend and then making piercing easier and more accessible for everyone.

There is also a desire to fit in with others as part of a social group, and people with certain qualities notice it more, so conversation starters are created and friendship bonds begin to form.

Less than perfect part of the piercing (full mouth)

Right now I haven’t got my tongue pierced yet (my mom won’t let me!) but I really want to get it done! What I’ve been thinking about though (and I have to admit, it’s holding me back) is the pain! I’ve seen some videos of people getting tongue piercings and boy do they look like it hurts! Tongue clips, needles and blood! What a perfect combination to make tongue piercing, hay?

Not only do you have to deal with the pain, but you could pass out from the shock (like I did when my belly button was pierced) it was so embarrassing, I can only imagine how much worse it would be if your tongue was sticking out and you were lying on the floor When the mouth!

Last but not least, you need to deal with tongue swelling and infection. I mean come on; can tongue piercings get any more? ! A friend of mine recently had his tongue slapped and it swelled up the size of a small apple! She was limited to liquids for a long time before the swelling subsided – not because she had an infection or anything like that, just because her tongue couldn’t get all the food into her mouth! (I thought it was funny at first until she couldn’t talk because the tongue was so hard to move)

So as you can imagine, on top of that, you’re going to have to deal with infections! Well, I’m going to tell you now what they’re doing to your poor tongue!

Would you run the risk of being infected?

There are some specific dangers that are inherited when piercing, especially if the tongue is pierced, as the tongue is a very sensitive area so infection is to be expected! (Now for another downside to infections – well, if they have a bright side) While tongue infections are relatively common after tongue piercings, certain dangers can be serious if the infection is not treated correctly and immediately Consequences leave!

The BDA (that is, the British Dental Association) has been issuing warnings about tongue piercings. They report that the risk of bacteria is greatly increased in the case of tongue piercings. (This is because the mouth is inherently loaded with bacteria!) The most worrisome part, in my opinion, is that any infection in the mouth or tongue can start to spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Body!

Most body piercing practitioners maintain very high standards and keep all equipment spotless, but this doesn’t eliminate the chance of an infection station. In the most extreme cases of bacterial infections of the mouth, it can lead to fatal blood poisoning! (No one wants that!)

a tragic accident

Woman who pierced her tongue to celebrate her birthday was found dead 48 hours later of blood poisoning

A woman wanted to get her tongue pierced for her 34th birthday. A friend of hers got one and decided to do the same. Within 48 hours, she was found dead of suspected blood poisoning and pneumonia when a popular gangbang was thrust through her tongue. What shocked the family the most was that she had done so many different piercings in the same piercing studio before, why was it different this time?

This is because of the higher risk of bacterial infection associated with tongue piercings, but some people still don’t know the proper way to clean their tongue after food or any drink other than water.

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