The Simple Way to Build a Successful Restaurant Business

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Are you thinking of a great small business idea to make big bucks?

Maybe you’re tired of your current job…

Do you want more money? more freedom? Or maybe just more respect! Whatever the reason, what you’re reading now is the solution! In fact, this could be a turning point in your life!

How do you feel about building and owning your own restaurant, hell… how does it feel to own 50 restaurants at the same time!

Run naked with me. It will all be revealed I assure you this is a great business idea and you will love this…
Imagine you’ve just finished a hard day at work and are too tired to cook…your stomach growls, you sit down and see this ad in your local paper…


we deliver

Chinese, Indians, Creeks, Italians, Caribbeans, Mexicans…

Thailand.. etc in fact

Whatever food you want!

we provide

There are more than 50 menus.

Shipping 15%

(minimum charge £2.50)

10:30 am – midnight

Call now 08892828



Do you think you can ignore that ad and settle for a plain pizza?


Now imagine how many orders this small company has to take every night?

Now add these guys…

o No need to pay! Rent out the space!

o No need to pay! Expensive kitchen/waiter wages!

o No need to pay! A penny to cover any cost of producing any food…

In fact, the only thing they have to pay for is…gasoline (oh, and a phone!)

The rest is pure profit!

This simple small business is unbelievably easy to set up, and you can make good money…I’ll let your imagination run wild!

Think about it…all you really need is; a phone and some part-time minimum wage employees. To get started, you just have to strike deals with all the good restaurants in your town, offering them a lot of business if you can buy their food at a huge discount.

Then, when someone calls you to order, you can earn money on the food, and with a 15% delivery fee, you can earn even more money.

This deal gives you all the benefits of owning one restaurant (50, actually) without the overhead.
I don’t know who came up with this idea. But it’s pure genius!

It’s easy to run and can be very profitable. What more could you ask for?

Now, as stated in the title, the great thing about this business is that it requires almost nothing to start. If you have a phone to take the order and call the restaurant, some friends/workers and necessary transportation to handle the delivery;

You are in business!

With this plan, you can monopolize the food delivery market in your town. The best part about this program is that all the local restaurants you do business with will love you for it!

Because they will be bundled as you grow. This means they will be more than happy to support your business through the most powerful form of marketing “word of mouth”. And distribute your flyer to all their clients.

Now for those who are serious.

Let’s say you bring this plan to life tomorrow, you get a few employees together, you call all the good restaurants and make arrangements, they all agree to your venture, and then you place an ad in the local paper. then you wait…

Orders started flying in by the dozen; things got really busy! Cash piled up on the table like a hill, and then after the first month or so…

The honeymoon is over!

Your big fish competition starts noticing a massive drop in their market share and more importantly their profit margins, they start looking for why, and then they see your ad!

Now. They can get very annoyed by this and want to knock you out – yes I’m starting to see this too, marketing is like war! – This is the easiest way to put a small chain out of business As you know, if you are a big business, it is paying prices that small fish can survive, literally starving you to death!

Excellent. The good news is, this won’t happen to you, and since you know your business and more importantly your competition, you can beat them!

Hit them before they hit you!

In the self defense world we call this “a pre-emptive strike!” Before they get a chance to copy your idea and cash in…you can do it first…

Yes. That’s right!
Once your first business starts to take off, send out another ad just like your previous ad, just with a new business name and a better offer than the last ad you ran before, maybe emphatically, only 5 lower % delivery fee, or 25% discount for students, or 50% off your first order! Whatever it is, just make sure it’s a much better deal than your last commercial!

o Now this is important. Make sure both ads run at the same time…in the same post!

The idea is to make your competitors feel that the niche is already crowded and that another company has stepped in and undercut you before they had a chance. From their point of view, this is what it looks like, when in reality, you will be the soul fish in that pool, making a fortune out of the profits!

By owning and operating an original business and a very profitable knockoff!

So what are you waiting for.. the money is on the table. So pick it up!

thanks for reading..

If you’re serious, get started now before everyone else! (If you don’t, someone else will!

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