The Best Walk-in Tubs for Your Money, According to Home Improvement Pros

Arthritis and other conditions that impair mobility can make everyday tasks like bathing exceptionally difficult. That is why, if it is difficult for you or one of your loved ones to take a bath or shower, you can think about installing a walk-in tub.

“Walk-in tubs are a great solution for anyone with mobility issues and are a popular choice for seniors. They provide entry without having to lift your feet and usually have a safety bar to help with balance and minimize the risk of falling,” said Meg Marrs of the source Massachusetts-based online care. Safe Senior Care. “Their quick-draining means you don’t have to wait long before the tub is empty to open the side door and get out of the tub.”

When does it seem like a walk-in tub would be a sensible addition if not needed? “Balance or mobility issues are good signs to start shopping for a walk-in tub,” says Marrs. It also makes sense to think ahead. “It should be installed professionally so it is always advisable to start looking at the beginning of the signs so that it is ready to use when it is really needed.”

When considering what type of walk-in tub is right for you or your family, Marrs says you should consider the layout of your home and the general mobility of the person you’re buying it for. “The walk-in closet comes with a left or right side door and drain. Although this may seem to simplify the choice with your current plumbing, you need to consider the ability of the person who will use the tub,” he said. “Problems with the right or left hand will play a part in options and may need some plumbing modifications for the bathroom. Weakness in the right arm will mean that it is easier to hold the wall bar with your left arm when you are sitting. This requires a left side tub door. “

A walk-in tub can make life easier for people with mobility issues and help them regain control, and it will save family members or live-in nurses from having to help them every time they want to. clean up. That said, “walk-in tubs take up a lot of space and are quite expensive. Beyond the initial cost, they generally take more water to fill which will reflect the water bill, and sometimes require a larger water heater,” said Marrs. “If cost or space is a factor, then other options to consider are a walk-in shower which has no steps.”

With that in mind, here are the best walk-in tubs, as recommended by Marrs and other experts on home improvement and senior needs.

Walk-in Tubs Are Best for Seniors and Others With Mobility Issues

Empava 53″ Walk-in Freestanding Bathtub: $2,199.95 in Home Depot or $3,277.77 in Amazon

David Richardson is Milwaukee-based property manager for residential housing properties. For homes and apartments aimed at older renters, she likes the Empava Walk-in Freestanding Bathtub, which she calls “an aesthetic bathtub for homeowners looking for a stylish bathtub. It’s made of glossy white acrylic and the design makes it easy to use for anyone The handrail at the front is a convenient safety feature and perfect for the elderly.

Its textured slip-resistant floor adds another layer of safety, giving users and caregivers added peace of mind. The 94-gallon capacity Empava Walk-in Freestanding Bathtub is the largest on our list.

Raven ADA is Walk-In compliant: $4,182.87 at Rehabmart

One of the benefits of the Raven ADA Compliant Walk-In Tub is that it’s designed to fit in many different spaces, so it can work even if you have a smaller bathroom, according to Dr. Andrea Paul, founder & CEO of online resources. Health Media Expert.

“This walk-in chapter has a watertight door, which helps prevent water leakage when the tank is full. The advantage of having this tank installed is that even if you have a full-size tank removed recently, it can fit easily there,” said Dr. Paul. “You don’t need to make more space for it. The bathtub also has a non-slip floor, which means you can shower without fear of slipping and hurting yourself.

Buyers can also choose to add features such as aromatherapy, chromatherapy (the use of light and colors that are said to affect mood) and soft neck for added relaxation.

Total Humanity and Studies in the bath BS Series: $5,929 at Lowe’s

Even in the world of walk-in tubs, luxury options are available if you have the money. “The Total Care in Bathing BS series is stylish and loaded with features that make the ultimate in luxury in walk-in tubs. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the watertight door seal, tub shell, frame, and finish,” said Marrs. “Installed with a quick drainage system, 5-piece chrome faucet set with a hand-held shower and an exclusive LED faucet light kit, 20 air jets, 10 whirlpool jets, and 1 bidet jet and a heat exchanger to maintain the water temperature, all add to the experience shower like a spa.

Flamingo II Step-In Bath: $2,198.81 at Rehabmart

Flamingo II Step-Dina comes with enough features to make bathing not only accessible but downright pleasurable, according to Dr. Paul.

“The best part about this walk-in tub is that it has a pre-installed handle and faucet. So, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of fitting them afterwards. It also has an expandable shower handle, making your shower experience easy,” he said. Moreover, the optional automatic drain system allows you to drain the tub at any time between your showers or after, in less than a minute. The tub also has an optional built-in jet system that provides a soothing massage to your body. Finally, the tub also comes with a padded neckrest optional, where you can relax and enjoy your shower.

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