The Best and Worst Things About Sam’s Club, According to Members

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The loudest voices tend to be critics. Still, there are plenty of people who love Sam’s Club.

Key points

  • Customers’ favorite products are as diverse as snacks and toilet paper.
  • Customers also appreciate the ability to scan and pay for their items instead of standing in line.
  • Several Reddit posters are concerned about how Sam’s Club treats its employees.

With nearly 600 Sam’s Club locations spread across the United States and Puerto Rico, Sam’s is a giant in big boxes. After all, who doesn’t want to fill up on big boxes of cereal and crates of avocados, while spending money on it bank? We took to Reddit to learn what members thought about their experiences and choices at Sam’s Club.

Where Sam’s Club shines

Given the number of Sam’s Club members in the US, it stands to reason that there is something very awful about big-box stores. As with every topic, the loudest voices tend to be those complaining. We ran across many positive articles about Sam’s Club, although many of them praise the same thing (s).

Toilet paper, everything

When asked to compare Sam’s Club to Costco, members were happy to share which products they found superior to Sam’s Club. For example, original_username-79 asserts that Sam’s toilet paper is “superior to Kirkland brand.”


It certainly appears that the quality of snacks is very important. Sam’s Club member TRexHasTinyArms replied, “Sam’s has a better selection of snacks” BETHVD agreed, adding, “Sam’s also carries many (sic) more brands and seems to have a tastier variety of food.”

And since switching from Sam’s Club to Costco, Omar_Town has been mourning the loss of macadamia nut white chocolate cookies.


A member called HelpfulArticle472 owns Costco and Sam’s Club membership. Here, they break down what each store does.

“Costco: generally more for things I like (wine, specialty items, deli items)

Sams: scan and go is awesome, also curbside pick up. You can also go to Sam’s website, search for an item and it will tell you if it’s in your local warehouse.

Bottom line: Club members say that Sam’s beats when it comes to toilet paper, snacks, and the convenience of Scan & Go. If there is one winner in the bunch, though, it would definitely be the snacks. A surprising number of people who like snacks they only find at Sam’s Club.

Where Sam’s Club struggles

Although we’ve noticed on Reddit before, the number of people expressing concern about the treatment of employees is surprising.

perceived treatment of employees

For example, artraeu82 compared the employee retention rates of Costco and Sam’s Club. According to artraeu82, Costco employees routinely stay at their jobs longer than Sam’s Club employees. Minimum-Departure added that Sam’s Club benefits do not stack up to Costco’s. It also adds that most people don’t consider a position at Sam’s Club to be a long-term job.

Whether that’s true or not, according to a Reddit message board, Sam’s Club has a reputation for treating employees poorly.


While some posters claim that Sam’s Club offers lower prices on items they need and want to buy, many of the same posters point to quality issues.

“Depends on what to buy. We got Sam’s membership after we heard our friends rave about how it was better than Costco at least price wise… We went there once and it was greatly disappointed. Most things that appeared cheaper were also in quantity the smaller one so probably the same price,” twelvedesign wrote.

Oilo agrees, writing: Same feeling here! Sam’s has more kinds of snacks and so on, but the things they bring tend to be of lower quality.”

Unipressive discount

Praise_The_Tsun says, “I never felt like I got a deal at Sam’s besides on some things (chicken breast, garden salad kit, sour cream) staples like that. Their sales tend to be like $1 off of something and are few and far between.”

Bottom line

Ultimately, Sam’s Club members want to see employees treated better, higher quality items on the shelves, and bigger discounts when sales roll around.

Whether Reddit posters feel good, bad, or neutral about the giant big-box store, Sam’s Club is on solid ground. As part of Walmart, it’s not going anywhere. Whether management takes customer feedback seriously is yet to be determined.

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