Take a look inside Storylines’ 753-foot ‘sustainable’ residential megaship

If you love yachts and the idea of ​​living the rest of your days on a luxury mega ship like heaven, you want to start saving for 2025.

That is if the Miami-based residential shipbuilder Storylines plan to launch his new $1.5 billion, 753-foot megaship filled with 547 private residences. Storylines cruise ship bill, it is called the Narration MVas “the world’s first environmentally sustainable private residential ship.”

The residences, which range in size from 237 to 1,970 square feet, are for sale now — and they’re not cheap. Storylines says the settlement is worth between $1 million and $8 million, with ownership over the “life of the vessel,” which the company estimates is approx. 60 years.

For a shorter and more affordable purchase opportunity, you can try to land one of the “limited number” residences with a 24-year lease starting at $647,000 for the total lease duration.

Storylines’ MV Narrative will offer 547 luxurious private residences with anywhere from one to four bedrooms.

That’s more than you’d pay for a cruise vacation, but the appeal of the ship is that you can “travel the world from the comfort of home,” Storylines CEO Alister Punton says. said in a statement in August.

Storylines and Croatian shipyard Brodosplit is currently in the design-and-engineering phase of building a massive ship, which the company says will be the first of its kind to be powered by liquid natural gas propulsion. methods lower carbon emissions by about 25% compared to traditional diesel power.

Source: Storylines / Brodosplit

Residences range from one-to four-bedroom living space, and most of them come with balconies to overlook the surrounding sea and various ports of call.

People living in MV Narrative will go around the world every three years. Sailing from the ship’s home port in Croatia, the ship will spend up to five days in major ports around the world. samples itineraries on the website Storylines tout stops from the Mediterranean to Australia and South America.

MV Narrative will have 20 different restaurants and bars for residents to patronize.

In addition to private luxury residences, the ship is set to offer 20 different restaurants and bars, post offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, banks, office spaces and several pools.

Also included: a bowling alley, microbrewery, movie theater, outdoor fitness deck with “racket sports, yoga sun deck and jogging track” and a waterfront marina for personal watercraft like jet skis and powerboats.

The ship also boasts the “largest wellness center at sea,” which includes a spa, gym and anti-aging clinic in a 10,000-square-foot space.

Residents of the MV Narrative will have access to a waterfront marina for private watercraft.

In addition to the eco-conscious propulsion system, Storylines says the ship’s focus on sustainability will include a system to convert waste into energy, while a “zero-waste farmer’s market” will feature locally sourced products including produce grown in a solar-powered hydroponic garden. .

If the thought of life at sea appeals to you – and you can afford it – you’re certainly not alone. Some other resident shipbuilders, such as world and Clydebuilt’s Dark Islandalso sells luxury suites aboard the mega ship for those who want it live, or even retire, in the sea.

That other unit is cheaper: The World luxury suite RANGE from $2 million to $15 million, and Clydebuilt’s Dark Island has suites starting at $10.7 million.

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