Basic Survival Food Storage on a Budget

If you haven’t already stocked up on food and water for emergencies or disasters, this article could be a lifesaver for you and your family. Are your reasons or excuses for not being prepared the same ones used by over 300 million other Americans? The two most well-known excuses are procrastination and financial concerns, followed […]

Is Premium Dog Food Really Good For Your Dog?

==========Premium Dog Food Scoop======== If you’re interested in premium dog food, I probably don’t have to tell you The Importance of Diet Keep your dog active and already know You want something better than “average” For your furry friends. But how much do you really know about the ingredients in good food and what […]

Survival Tips – Best Emergency Food Kits

Who needs the best emergency food kits? Who knows what the future holds? If we know what challenges will arise every day, we will never be caught off guard. Unfortunately, life is not like that. Those who like to look ahead and prepare for “just in case” scenarios are often portrayed as borderline lunatics and […]

Top 10 Foods to Boost Energy

The amount of food a person eats in a day largely determines the amount of energy that person can use for daily activities. For the average person with a regular job and a normal and not too tiring range of motion, a healthy diet is highly recommended. This diet typically consists of about 40% fiber, […]

Nutrition and Food

“Nutrition is the process of getting nutrients from the food you eat.” Nutrient type carbohydrate – Carbohydrates are energy-providing nutrients and are our main source of energy. They are easily digested and broken down into glucose, which the body uses to perform many of its functions. For every gram of carbohydrates consumed, the body absorbs […]

Hot Tamales – Mexican Food

Mexico is a country rich in history and tradition, which is reflected in the rich and varied flavors of their cuisine. The influence of the Spaniards, who arrived in Mexico in 1521, is evident in Mexican cuisine to varying degrees. When the Spanish landed in Mexico, they found that people’s diet consisted mainly of dishes […]

The dangers of fast food

The fast food industry adds every possible chemical they can legally get away with to get people addicted to their food. In fact, if you eat fast food and then stop, you can actually experience withdrawal symptoms. Like drugs. Not only that, but the preservative content in these fast food burgers these days is so […]