Raw Foods for Weight Loss and Improved Health

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The first known heart attack was recorded more than 100 years ago. The industrial farming of livestock and the refining of man-made foods began more than 100 years ago. Could this have something to do with our overweight, unhealthy nation today? We all know it does, but only a few of us take control of our own destiny. this is very simple. Eat raw food to lose weight.

For good health, eat raw food. Oh, and there are tons of diet and low-calorie foods at your disposal that just pop in the microwave. There are also many healthy raw food options available. Do your research. You’ll find that highly processed foods made to help you lose weight contain ingredients that keep you from losing weight and endanger your health. You should eat raw food to lose weight. Again, do your homework. You’ll find that raw foods are packed with the nutrients your body needs to fuel your health and longevity.

The decision to eat raw is not a “cold turkey” transition. No one wants you to throw out everything in your kitchen and stock up on carrots and celery. In fact, that would be a big mistake. What you want to do is change your diet so that the transition to raw food is more gradual and doesn’t shock your system too much. Eat two raw meals and one cooked meal a day, and treat lunch as a cooked meal. You can be versatile to suit any social event.

One of your raw meals should include a large salad with lots of leafy greens. One thing you have to do is maintain a nutrient-dense diet. Deli and processed foods provide little or no nutrition. If you have cravings, be sure to satisfy those cravings. Eat just one slice of brownie instead of half the cake. A small amount will satisfy those cravings, and eventually you will find that those cravings are more memories.

The body is in its natural cleansing cycle in the morning, and fruit is a cleansing food, so breakfast is a great time to eat some fresh fruit or drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. It is best to eat only one kind of fruit for breakfast. If you’re used to protein in the morning and feel the need for it, some raw nuts or seeds are good for protein.

The transition to raw food should be made over time. Some people can wake up one morning, decide to be human, and never look back. For most of us, change is not instantaneous; we need time to adjust as we move forward. One of the most harmful things to our diet and health is processed food, and processed food is the number one thing we need to eliminate from our diet. Eating it raw would be futile if we were only fueling our bodies with the toxins we were trying to get rid of.

Salt is another food we don’t need in our diet. Many publications recommend sea salt, kosher salt, or other substitutes for common iodized salt. Salt is still salt and it contains sodium chloride. Every drop of salt you use raises your blood pressure. All the natural sodium a person needs can be provided through nutrient-dense foods.

Sugar is nothing but pure refined carbohydrates. If you need sweetener, try honey or raw dates instead of sugar.

A good raw food diet can consist of only 70% to 80% raw food. Remember, if it’s from the earth it’s natural, if it’s manufactured it’s processed, and we really want to avoid processed food. When you eat raw food for weight loss, the more raw food you eat, the better and healthier your results will be.

Getting enough protein shouldn’t be a problem; just know that you’ll be getting plenty of protein from fresh, leafy greens and raw nuts and seeds. If meat and fish are your main sources of protein and you have a hard time giving them up, try reducing them to once or twice a week. Do a little research, and you might find yourself more inspired to get protein from raw foods.

Enzymes are necessary for us to digest and simulate dairy products. As enzymes are destroyed during dairy processing and homogenization, they can form mucus, cause allergies and cause sinus and intestinal problems. We are constantly told that we need products like milk, cheese and yogurt to get the calcium our bodies need. In fact, our bodies lose the ability to properly digest dairy at an early age. Fresh leafy vegetables and raw seeds and nuts are very high in calcium.

Grains like rice, bread, and whole grains are foods that our bodies have a hard time digesting in their natural state (uncooked). Grains can be the hardest foods for some people to get rid of when they eat them; especially bread.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, it can be hard to give up steamed vegetables and hot soups. A 70% to 80% conversion to raw food is an amazing achievement, so don’t push yourself. Take small steps to achieve your ultimate goal.

Switching to a raw food diet is a lifestyle change that can be a devastating experience, so it may be even more difficult if you use drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco. There are plenty of people who can go 100% sour and smoke cigarettes, drugs, coffee, and booze all at the same time, and be fine. For most of us, the dependencies we’ve formed are a little hard to break, but don’t worry. You will find these dependencies lessen as your body cleanses until you find that you no longer need them. Reaching your raw food goals can take months to years.

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