How to Become an Online Reseller in 5 Minutes

The woman fisted up some of her clothes.

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Once you have sold your first item, you have sold everything.

Key points

  • Online resale is expected to quadruple by 2026.
  • Quickly set up a seller account to start your online reselling business.

Reselling online is more straightforward than most people think. Despite having zero sales experience, I became one official “reseller online” in under five minutes by following a handful of easy steps.

If you’re on the fence or just looking for a quick way to make money, consider this: online resales are expected to quadruple by 2026, according to GlobalData. Shoppers are flocking to online stores like pigeons to cookie crumbs.

It’s easy to set up a seller account on a shopping app like Mercari. Five minutes (and preferably a smartphone) is all you need to start selling.

Here’s how.

Answer the question

What do you sell? Some platforms are better for selling clothes. Others are great for antiques. Before you choose a platform, know what you want to sell.

Choose a platform

Facebook Market It is excellent for quickly cleaning out the furniture of the apartment. To buy is great for selling electronics and seasonal decor (happy almost Halloween!). OfferUp works for anything, but niche items like antiques probably sell better on a detail-heavy platform like eBay.

I have highlighted these three platforms because they are easy to get started with. Poshmark and eBay are great, but they will take you longer to set up – and that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Set up an account

Surprised! You’ll need to provide some personal information to prove you’re not a serial killer posing as a 30-year-old mother of three. Depending on your paranoia, you may prefer to stick to sites like OfferUp, which only make you connect with sources of money before releasing you on the interwebs (voyage bon).

At the very least, you’ll want a credit card and useful bank account information. extra credit: our driver’s license, the email address you actually use, and password ideas that don’t end with an exclamation mark (!).

Snap a photo

Take some interesting photos of whatever you’re selling. Make sure the lights are on. Don’t fake it — if your Adidas shoes or anything has a scratch, show it. Most platforms are honesty police. If you want to save your money, you need to be aware of wear and tear.

Write a simple description

This is not high school English. It only tells the facts: the brand name, the condition of the item, and whatever else you need to say. There will be many optional items. Start the basics. Posting is free, and you can update the list.

Post that list

Congratulations! You do that. You are an official online reseller. People can find your stuff, check it out, ask questions about it, and buy it.

Order supplies (optional)

If you are selling items that will be shipped, consider stocking up on packaging supplies. Here are the important things:

  • Packaging box
  • Printer (for labels)
  • Letter tape

The USPS offers free Priority Mail packages on their website – try ordering a bunch of different boxes and go from there. Experienced resellers tend to save and reuse shipping materials, so don’t be afraid to use a beat-up box. If they work, they work.

You are ready. Start shipping, and don’t hesitate to experiment. There are thousands of resellers out there. You can casually resell or increase listings — people will find your products. Give yourself five minutes to get started.

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