Basic Survival Food Storage on a Budget

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If you haven’t already stocked up on food and water for emergencies or disasters, this article could be a lifesaver for you and your family.

Are your reasons or excuses for not being prepared the same ones used by over 300 million other Americans? The two most well-known excuses are procrastination and financial concerns, followed by those who bury their heads in the sand or in the web cloud. Oh, and almost forgot about the 60+% who truly believe there is no reason to do anything to prepare for your period. disaster? These things happen anywhere but in my backyard, and, when it does, I worry.

If you’re in the “unlikely” camp, then you must be or have lived in the outback with no contact with the outside world. It is no longer a question of what the disaster will be, but when it will happen. As I write this, Hurricane Harvey is hitting South Texas, and many coastal residents interviewed by the news reporter expressed doubts about the severity of the storm and the urgency expressed in the media about evacuating the coast immediately. If I recall correctly, this is exactly what the skeptics predicted for Hurricane Katrina, which resulted in 1,800 deaths.

Most Americans go unnoticed by the large number of pending disasters that have nothing to do with predictable weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rain and snowstorms, floods, and even predictable droughts. Recently, geologists have reported seismic activity across the country, with tremors recorded on all major faults. In an area of ​​400 square meters, more than 400 earthquakes are recorded every day. One of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world, the Mile Area of ​​Yellowstone National Park. According to volcanologists, it’s not all that dormant right now. Most of this information was withheld or suppressed to prevent major panic in the affected areas. For example the fact of the mountain. Rainer is as active and swollen as Mt. British stone. However, before the Helen eruption, experts said it would be five times worse as a lava cork prevented a potential early eruption. National Geographic produced a video describing the possible devastation from such an event, and a similar documentary on the possible devastation from the Yellowstone supervolcano.

A lot of people have talked in the past about the San Andreas Fault as a major threat to millions of Californians. However, one discovery has been prioritized. The New Madrid fault is nothing new to geologists who have studied the region around the Mississippi and Ohio rivers for decades. More recently, the unprecedented activity has raised concerns that its destructive potential could be ten times worse than the San Andreas fault. Based on geological forecasts, the resulting mathematical results were predicted by the US Navy in its new Map of US Water Navigation, which delineates the shipping lanes from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Michigan along the current courses of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

Why can’t the news media share these findings and predictions? A major reason is their inherent irresponsibility, hype, dramatization, and exaggeration of pending events. What would be the result of severe panic among the general public? Where would they go, or more precisely, if the result was mass migration from affected areas?

Another natural disaster that has the potential to wipe out more than two-thirds of the country’s population is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) detonated by a solar flare or neutron bomb 30-40 miles above the east or west coast of the US. Most Americans won’t know what an EMP is until it shuts down the power grid — and they’ll be left in the dark for months, if not years. EMP attacks also disable everything that has electronic circuits such as cell phones, computers, cars, planes, trains, ships, etc. Welcome back to the age of the horse and carriage.

The samples I’ve given so far are enough to end civilization as we know it, but I haven’t talked about the imminent collapse of our dollar and economy, civil war or World War III, major epidemics, or terrorist attacks.

How many more possibilities do I need to mention before I sound like Doomsday Profits or Fear Porn Vendors or Monger. Oh well, just pick one! Then ask yourself this simple question, “Do I have enough food to last at least a month?” Do you believe the grocery store will still have food left after a day of catastrophe? If it is a long-term disaster, can you survive two or three months? How to protect what you have from predators and those who wish to inflict great physical damage on you to get what you have? How long will the food in your current cupboard last? water? What to do when the water stops flowing from the tap? If you don’t drink water for three to four days, you’re dead!

If it’s possible to know that you only have 1-2 weeks to gather enough food to last three years, do you have the means or the knowledge to know how to do so? Well, that’s exactly why I wrote this article, to show you how to do it.

For $109.00 and a 7 gallon pail with an airtight, waterproof lid, you can get enough healthy food to easily store for 15-20 years and provide two hearty meals a day ($0.14 each) 50 lbs Long Grain rice and 45 lbs of pinto beans. (from Costco or other warehouse store or food club). Now all you need are pots and a wood camping stove or a solar powered sun oven and utensils. Last but not least, equipment for water or sewage purification.

So you don’t go crazy eating plain beans and rice, hoarding all kinds of spices and canned tuna, chicken, beef, spam, etc. Add more protein and variety to beans and rice.

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