7 Side Hustle Ideas for Teens

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Side hustles are a great way for teenagers to make money without getting a traditional part-time job.

Key points

  • Many teenagers are looking for ways to make money on their own.
  • Your teen can both earn money and learn valuable skills by getting a side hustle.
  • Helping with lawn care chores, dog sitting, and tutoring are examples of ways your teen can make money by helping others.

Many teenagers are looking for ways to make money. Depending on their age, there may be restrictions on the type of work they can do or the hours they can work in traditional jobs.

However, side hustles are more flexible and can allow you to learn new skills while earning income. Do you teenagers have a bank account are they ready to add money? We have compiled a list of side hustle ideas for teenagers. All of these opportunities are flexible, so your teen can continue to prioritize school and extracurricular activities while also having the opportunity to work in their spare time.

Additionally, none of these gigs require them to use mobile apps or work through services. Instead, they can work directly with the client and set the schedule and price. This is the perfect initial introduction to self-employment. Check out these teen-friendly side hustles.

1. Help neighbors with their lawn care needs

Teens who enjoy spending time outdoors and being active may want to consider taking on lawn maintenance tasks for their neighbors. Many homeowners are too busy to do these tasks themselves, so it’s a gig that’s in high demand.

This is a beginner-friendly side hustle for those willing to learn. Your teen can start using tools (such as a lawn mower or a weed whacker) provided by their client. Later, they can consider buying their own equipment with the money they make from this gig. As they become more experienced, they can offer more services.

2. Become a nanny

Another way your teenager can make money is by babysitting. Many parents need help taking care of their children at times when they have date nights or other important obligations.

If your teenager is new to babysitting, they can take CPR and child safety classes through local organizations to feel more confident and give families confidence in hiring them to care for their children.

3. Be a dog walker or pet sitter

Another good way for teens is to walk dogs or offer pet services. This type of work is perfect for responsible, reliable teenagers who love animals.

If your family already has pets and your teen is responsible for caring for them, this is the ideal gig. Your teen can walk the dog after school and take care of the pet on the weekends when the rest of the family is out of town.

4. Teaching other students

If your teen excels in a particular subject at school, they may want to offer tutoring services to children and teens in the community. They can help by sharing their knowledge and breaking down complex topics, making it easier to understand. They can do this in your home, another student’s home, the library, or another public place in your community.

5. Shovel driveways and walkways in winter

If you live with winter weather, your teenager can make money by offering to shovel snow out of driveways and walkways in your neighborhood. If your teen doesn’t mind waking up early or working on the weekends, this is a great way to make money while staying active.

6. Help with organizational tasks

This side hustle is perfect if your teen likes to keep things organized. They can offer their organizational skills to busy neighbors who are overwhelmed. Many people have large closets, spare bedrooms, basements, and garages but don’t know where to start.

7. Give sports or music lessons

If your child has played a particular sport or musical instrument and enjoys it, they may want to consider teaching other children or teenagers. They can offer sports training sessions and private music lessons and make extra money while using their talents to help others improve their skills.

Side hustles are a great way for teens to learn important skills

These side hustles can teach your teen the value of hard work, how to balance multiple responsibilities, and how to be a responsible and reliable worker, while making money and having fun. They will learn valuable skills that they can carry into adulthood.

Not sure how to get clients? Teens can advertise their services by posting in community social media groups or posting ads at local libraries, coffee shops, and small businesses.

It is also a good idea for them to open up a savings account if they haven’t already, so they can learn the importance of saving and seeing when their money earns interest.

It’s never too early for your teen to learn it’s important personal finance skills.

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